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You have enough going on in your life, let our experts find your fit.


At Iowa City Optical we are experienced at handling difficult prescriptions as well as everyday glasses and contact lens wearers.  You can be assured that you will have the help of one of our knowledgeable staff opticians. As a result, you will have access to the latest eyewear technology available.

Iowa City Optical is open Monday through Friday, 8:15 AM to 5:15 PM.


You want to look good, let us bring the fashion to you.


We’re standing by to make sure that you get exactly what you want and need out of your next pair of glasses. Stop by and talk to our helpful opticians, and we’ll make sure that you leave loving your look.


The latest Frame brands

Silhouette, Maui Jim, Coach, Kate Spade, Costa, RayBan, Nike, Etnia, Flexon, Michael Kors, Wiley X, Seraphin, Banana Republic, and many more!

the best lenses & materials

Not all lenses are created equally. We offer brands such as Shamir, Zeiss, Hoya, and Essilor.

The contacts you need

Our contact lens specialists can assist you with rigid, soft, astigmatic lenses, or bifocal contacts as well as the more difficult fits such as keratoconus, post-surgical fittings, and other corneal lens applications.


The latest brands you know and love.


Choose from a large assortment of designer and brand name frames and contact lens, covering a broad price range with options for every budget.


Bring your world into focus.


Made from the good stuff

Not all lenses are created equally. Depending on your need, we have a wide variety of materials that are designed to help you get the most out of your glasses. Including impact resistant materials as well as High Index lenses for stronger prescriptions.

Looking for a specific maker of lenses? We can provide you with high quality lenses from Shamir, Zeiss, Hoya, Essilor, and many more.

Our experts will help guide you to choosing the right lens for your life.

Digitally customized lenses for all prescriptions

Digital Lenses, or “high definition” as they are also referred to, have been described as the most important improvement in prescription eyewear in the last 100 years. The improvement wearers see in moving from traditional lenses to digital lenses has been compared to the difference in using an old, analog television compared to a new high-definition television, or an early cell phone to today's digital smart phones.

If you’re ready to experience this dramatic change in the way you see the world, stop in and talk to one of our helpful staff members today!

Protect your eyes with Trivex

Trivex lenses are thinner and lighter than standard plastic varieties, and also much more durable. It corrects vision without adding thickness, which can distort the wearer's appearance.

Best of all, these lenses are virtually unbreakable, making them a great choice for children and active adults.

Come see how we can give you unparalleled sight without sacrificing your safety.


Contacts your way.


All of our contact lens specialists can assist you with rigid, soft, astigmatic lenses, or bifocal contacts, as well as the more difficult fits such as keratoconus, post-surgical fittings, and other corneal lens applications. 

Whatever your contact needs are, we have you covered. You can even order replacements and refill your prescriptions through our online ordering.

Dr. Sean O'Neill, O.D. is available to fit you for your contact lenses.

Dr. Sean O'Neill, O.D. is available to fit you for your contact lenses.


See without frames

Contact lens technology has advanced over the years, and we’re keeping pace.

If you tried contacts in the past, are curious which options exist, or need a new pair, visit our office and we’ll show you how these changes can offer an opportunity to live without glasses.

Learn from the pro’s

If you’re new to contact lenses, let our trained staff show you proper care, handling, and wear techniques to get the most out of your new contacts.

Or maybe you have questions about lenses you already have? Whatever the need, let our professionals be your guide to getting the most out of your lenses.

Refill your way

Through partnerships we’re excited to offer all of our patients the option of ordering refills for their disposable lenses online.

Just speak to one of our friendly staff members, and we’ll get everything lined up to have lenses shipped directly to your door.


Order your contacts online, right now.


Need to order refills on your contacts? Can’t make it to one of our locations? No problem! Ordering online is easy and your lenses are shipped directly to you.

A new tab or window will be opened to our ordering site when you click “Order Online”.