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Our friendly staff members will treat you like family, get to know you and your specific needs, and do everything they can to get you into a fashionable, trendy, and functional pair of glasses.

We want to maximize your vision. Come and see how we’re making that happen.


Let us help you find the lenses for your best life.


Your needs matter

Whether you’re looking for device lenses, sport lenses, computer lenses, or everyday progressive lenses - we’ve got you covered.

We’ll take the time to make sure you get to enjoy yours.

WE speak VSP

Even though you can expect a boutique experience with frames that keep up with trends, we’ll work with your vision plan to get you into the new pair of glasses that will help you look and feel your best.

Everyone loves a deal

Need a new pair of progressive lenses? Sunglasses looking a little worn out? No problem! Any time you purchase a pair of glasses, you can enjoy a discount of 50% off* another pair!

* discount available if insurance was not used for the first pair


The latest brands you know and love.


Choose from a large assortment of designer and brand name frames and contact lens, covering a broad price range with options for every budget.


Bring your world into focus.


Made from the good stuff

Not all lenses are created equally. Depending on your need, we have a wide variety of materials that are designed to help you get the most out of your glasses.

Whether it is durable polycarbonate for scratch and impact resistance, or highly customized HD lenses for your unique needs, our experts will help guide you to choosing the right lens for your life.

Digitally customized lenses for all prescriptions

HD, or digital lenses as they are also referred to, have been described as the most important improvement in prescription eyewear in the last 100 years. The improvement wearers see in moving from traditional lenses to digital lenses has been compared to the difference in using an old, analog television compared to a new high-definition television, or an early cell phone to today's digital smart phones.

If you’re ready to experience this dramatic change in the way you see the world, stop in and talk to one of our helpful staff members today!

Protect your eyes with polycarbonate

Polycarbonate lenses are thinner and lighter than standard plastic varieties, and also much more durable. Polycarbonate is ideal for strong prescriptions because it corrects vision without adding thickness, which can distort the wearer's appearance.

Best of all, polycarbonate lenses are virtually unbreakable, making them a great choice for children and active adults.

Come see how we can give you unparalleled sight without sacrificing your safety.


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Need to order refills on your contacts? Can’t make it to one of our locations? No problem! Ordering online is easy and your lenses are shipped directly to you.

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