Eswatini 2019

Planning our next trip

Dr. Cohen performs the first  OMNI  glaucoma surgery in Eswatini

Dr. Cohen performs the first OMNI glaucoma surgery in Eswatini

Going back to Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)

Working with the Luke Commission since 2014, Dr. Cohen is returning to Eswatini in November 2019 to perform cataract surgery and help deliver eye care to the people of this African nation. Planning to accompany Dr. Cohen again this year are Collyn, our optician at the Iowa City office, and Eden, Dr. Cohen’s daughter.

In 2018 we performed 158 eye surgeries in 5 days, working 12-14 hour days with an amazing local team. In addition, we saw numerous clinical patients, performing laser eye surgeries, treating medical conditions, and helping to fit contact lenses and adjust glasses.

Collyn brought a frame warmer with her last year. This is a small heating device that we take for granted in the U.S. It allows the optician to bend the glasses frame and fit it to the patients face. In the operating room Dr. Cohen noticed one of the nurses had her glasses taped to her face so they would not fall off during surgery. In less than 5 minutes, Collyn was able to make a huge impact on this nurses life by bending and fitting her glasses correctly. We educated the local group on how to use the frame warmer and left it there, along with a contact lens fitting set.

Dr. Sean O’Neill communicates via telemedicine and helps fit contact lenses remotely that we then order and send over to patients.

We are looking forward to another great trip! To get involved or donate, please contact us.

Here is great article that appeared in the Press Citizen in 2017.

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